Review Proccess

Each article addressed to the editorial staff will be selected through the Initial Review process by the Editorial Board. Then, the articles will be sent to reviewers and will be entered into the next selection by the Double Blind Preview Process. After that, the article will be returned to the author for revision. This process takes one month for the maximum time. In each script, the reviewer will be assessed from a substantial and technical aspect. Reviewer in collaboration with SOSFILKOM: Jurnal Sosial, Filsafat dan Komunikasi focuses on social issues, philosophy issues, and communication issues.

All texts submitted are evaluated by editorial staff. Manuscripts that are evaluated by editors to be incompatible with journal criteria are rejected immediately without external review. Manuscripts that are considered potentially interesting for our readers are sent to a double reviewer. The editors then make decisions based on the reviewer's recommendations of several possibilities: rejected, revised required, or accepted.

Accept Submission: The submission will be accepted without revision
Revisions Required: The submission will be accepted with minor revision.
Resubmit for Review: Resubmission should be made, but with significant revision. It will likely be accepted. But it will need the second-round review.
Decline Submission: The submission will not be published in the journal.

The editor has the right to decide which manuscripts to submit to the journal must be published.