Nilai-Nilai Kepemimpinan Profetik Perspektif Pendidikan

  • Khaerul Wahidin IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon
  • Daimatus Sukhet STEI Al-Ishlah Cirebon
  • Faiz Raka Alfarizi Universitas Siliwangi Tasikmalaya
Keywords: leadership values, education, prophetic


This article examines the educational function of the leadership of the Prophet, so it is urgent to become a leadership model. The author uses the inductive method. The result of the research is that the leadership actions of the Prophet Muhammad have values that show the aspects of education in directing his people towards the benefit of the world and the hereafter, both in matters of war leadership and leadership in worship.


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Wahidin, K., Sukhet, D., & Alfarizi, F. (2022). Nilai-Nilai Kepemimpinan Profetik Perspektif Pendidikan. AL-MUFASSIR, 4(1), 48-57.

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